Post-match interviews are typically a serious event; athletes debrief their performance and how it shaped the outcome of the game, and for some reason, they’re almost always out of breath (seriously can’t you just take a few deep breaths before you chat to the media?)

But we’ve come to love the odd funny post-match chat. Beloved Nick Cummins aka Honey Badger aka Australia‘s next Bachelor was one to pull out some very weird Australianisms when chatting away to an interviewer about a match – using so much rhyming slang we almost needed an interpreter.

Now that Honey B has gone off to find himself a love and maybe have some cubs, a new player has stepped into the studded boots of Damn Entertaining Interviews.

Young lad Jack Higgins from Richmond Tigers played his debut first-grade game on the weekend and kicked a couple of majors through the uprights. A huge effort for a kid who bailed on high school to join the AFL.

In his post-match interview with Fox Sports, Jack was overjoyed about the game, looking straight down the barrel and reminding everyone that he “kicked two snags“, and felt he looked like a “bit of a tosser” while celebrating the big snap kick that landed his first big boy goal.

Naturally, the Internet’s come to love his sheer youthful vibe (he was born in 1999 and I feel like I’m 100 years old), and his excited ocker chat.

Check out the interview below, because I want to adopt him now. Thanks.