Welp, Greasing Up Light Poles Didn’t Stop Philly NFL Fans From Climbing Them

The city of Philadelphia is going absolute BANANAS right now. Residents of Philly have taken to the streets in the aftermath of their NFL side the Eagles reaching this year’s Super Bowl following a barnstorming win over Minnesota in today’s NFC Championship game.

Earlier, Philly city officials had tried to save Eagles fans from themselves by covering a whole mess of traffic and light poles in grease and fat in a bid to prevent people from climbing them.

It did not work.

In fact if anything it created more of an attractive challenge for Eagles fans to conquer. Observe.



The entire town is going absolutely bonkers for their Eagles deep into the wee hours of the night, with main streets packed full of revellers all tying one on in a severe manner.


And, sure, it’s cold as hell in that part of the world at the moment, so why not keep everyone warm with a roaring open fire or two.


As you’d expect, things are getting a bit weird too. And when we say “weird” we mean it ranges from the purely bizarre…

…to ahh, whatever the hell is going on here.


Look, we’ve all made some questionable decisions in the throes of night, but seldom has any of ours wound up on TV like that.

‘Course nothing about any of this will top the greatest five seconds of footage to come out of this, or any other, mass fan celebration.


That is just… I cannot stop watching. It’s perfect.

Enjoy the night, Philly fans. If this is how they react after just reaching the Super Bowl, then we can probably go ahead and re-classify the entire town as a smouldering crater should they actually get up and win the dang thing.

Footy. How bloody about it.