Philadelphia Greased Their Light Poles To Stop Rabid NFL Fans Climbing Them

There ain’t gonna be a fairytale Vikings home-Super Bowl this year. Given how badly the Philadelphia Eagles just stomped the Minnesota Vikings en route to a rout of a NFC Championship win, the Minnesota Vikings are lucky they’ll all be conscious enough to watch the game at all.

The Eagles are going to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2004, off the back of a masterful and dominant offensive display behind backup quarterback Nick Foles.

The Vikings put up the first touchdown of the game, but it was all Philly after that, with them Birds running out resounding 38-7 winners. In doing so, the fearsome Vikings defence coughed up season-high totals of points allowed, total yards allowed, and passing yards allowed. Ouch.

The win sends the Eagles to Super Bowl LII to face off against the New England Patriots, the team who bested them last time they reached the big dance in 2004.

Philly sports fans are notoriously rabid, and prior to the game city officials were bracing themselves for the celebrations in the event that the Eagles got up. Case in point: a wild brawl broke out between fans outside the stadium hours before the game started, prompting police on horses to intervene and leaving at least one fan bloodied.

So while jubilation is likely the prevailing emotion, city officials are on top of it. How? By greasing up the city’s light poles so fans won’t be able to climb them.

And if you think that’s an overreaction from city officials, may we present to you this gentlemen running for a post-game train:

If anything, that’s not enough grease.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots are now set to do battle in Super Bowl LII, scheduled to take place on Monday, February 5th (AUS time).

Get at ’em, Birds.