Chaos In Cleveland As Beer Fridges Open After Browns Nab First Win In 635 Days

The Cleveland Browns have finally, after 635 miserable days of sucking, managed to win an NFL game. Holy shit.

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Three weeks into the current season and the Browns, behind star quarterback recruit Baker Mayfield, hauled in the New York Jets in their Ohio home by a margin of 21-17. It’s the first time the side has scored an NFL victory since December 2016, and snaps an agonising 19-game losing streak for the luckless franchise.

Not only does it mean that Browns fans finally have something to celebrate (and, honestly, the team is showing actual signs of life for the first time in eons) but it also means that Bud Light‘s victory fridges are snapping open across the city as we speak.

You might recall a few weeks ago, prior to the season starting, that the American company installed the fridges inside the stadium and in bars around the city, all stocked to the gills with frothies, and all hooked up to special locks that would all simultaneously crack open the instant the Browns finally took home a W.

And mates? Open they did. Free beer currently floweth in Cleveland like the icy waters of Lake Eire.

Problem there being that Cleveland is, at its core, very much a football town. And the ratio of fired-up punters to available beer cans seems to be a little bit off.

First win in 635 days though. Absolutely huge effort.

Forget LeBron James, there’s a new King of Cleveland now, and his intensely weird name is Baker Mayfield.

We’re still not real sure what “Dilly Dilly” is all about but.

American Sports. How about ’em.