NFL Fans Are In Meltdown After The Browns (!!!) Trade For Odell Beckham Jr

In what’s probably the most ridiculous, out-of-nowhere, holy shit what the hell just happened NFL trade in recent memory, the Cleveland Browns have acquired dynamic wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr from the New York Giants.



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After a period of sly glances and knowing looks from Browns officials and players, the long-suffering team’s still-fresh GM John Dorsey brought the hammer down, sending a mid-tier first round pick, a third-round pick, and safety Jabrill Peppers to New York in exchange for Odell By-God Beckham Jr.

That’s Odell Beckham Jr playing for the Cleveland Browns, for god’s sake. What the blue hell is happening.

In joining the Browns, who went utterly winless the season before last, Beckham joins his former LSU teammate Jarvis Landry in a suddenly potent receiving core, lead from the centre by breakout star quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Landry, already, has taken to social media to pump up Cleveland’s gun acquisition.

As you’d imagine, sports outlets, as well as Browns and Giants fans alike have just about blown social media to smithereens in their overjoyed reactions to the absolutely mind-boggling trade, with Cleveland – for the first time since the franchise was rebooted by the league – suddenly having a side boasting actual star power.

Noted New York sports fan and resident crank Michael Rapaport is having a very hard time wrapping his head around the trade, which apparently went down while he was taking a nap.

Post-awakening, he got his thoughts down on camera, which included references to Cleveland as “a pisshole” and a beleaguered moan of “fhwat is haaehppening in New Yawwwwk?

There’s enough substance in that to replace protein in your diet, I swear.

For those keeping score at home, suddenly the Cleveland Browns – the CLEVELAND BROWNS – have one of the most high-powered offences in the league on paper.

And with not much to speak of in terms of defence facing them from the other sides in their division…

Hell, it might be time to punch a ticket on the Cleveland bandwagon, folks.

What kind of fucked-up moon world are we living in?