Carlos Sainz Jr Wins The Formula One 2024 Australian Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz Jr has officially won the Formula One 2024 Australian Grand Prix after a dramatic race. In celebration, someone better play Charli XCX‘s “Vroom Vroom”.

After a weekend of revved-up excitement, it has unfortunately come to an end. But one person who is cheering is Ferrari’s Sainz, who has walked away with a major victory!

(Image source: AP Photo/Scott Barbour)

The Smooth Operator has zoomed in to first place, whilst his teammate Charles Leclerc placed in second. Tailgaiting right behind Leclerc was McLaren’s Lando Norris. Considering the sweet friendship that Sainz has with Leclerc and his former teammate Norris, this is a pretty cute podium. I hope they all hug and smooch or something.

And in more amazing news Aussie driver Oscar Piastri nabbed fourth place!!!

Unfortunately, Formula One faves Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen did not finish the race.

Despite starting in pole position, World Champ Verstappen was unfortunately forced to retire from the race after his car caught on fire. As for my boyfriend Sir Lewis Hamilton, the beloved race car driver had to stop due to engine failure.

Also, Ricciard-hoes, LOOK AWAY, cause Daniel Ricciardo did not rank in the top 10. Bestie unfortunately walked away from the Grand Prix in 12th Place.

Following his victory, the Ferrari champ can be heard saying “This is amazing. Thank you guys,” on the team radio.

After the race, Sainz jokingly recommended that all drivers take out their appendix for the next race whilst speaking to Guenther Steiner as he recently returned from appendicitis surgery.

“It was a really good race, physically it wasn’t the easiest but I was mostly on my own so I could manage the pace, manage the tyres,” Sainz said during the interview.

“Life is crazy, what happened at the beginning of the year, the podium in Bahrain, the appendix in Saudi and the win here.

“I will recommend all the drivers to take [their appendix] out next winter.”

Unfortunately, that’s the end of a huge weekend for Aussie F1 lovers!

See ya at the next race.

Image source: Asanka Brendon Ratnayake / Associated Press