For a myriad of reasons, most of which are their own boneheaded doing, the Australian Cricket Team is extremely not good right now.

Last night’s whimpering One Day International loss to South Africa in Hobart brought a particularly miserable 2018 ODI campaign to a close. One that featured just two wins from thirteen matches, making it statistically the worst year for our ODI side since 1978. More to that, at just 15%, Australia has the lowest ODI winning percentage of any nation in 2018. Ireland won more ODI matches in 2018 than Australia did. Against minnow opponents, sure. But the facts are the facts.

In fact, outside of Shaun Marsh deciding to actually show up, the chief highlight of last night came not from the playing field, but from the stands.

In front a tepid crowd, Marsh launched a flat six into the Bellerive stands, which was latched onto by a diving on-duty cop, of all people.

Not pretty, but it counts.

The cop – identified only as “Frank” – latched onto the ball using his bullet-proof vest as an aid, which if it isn’t outright illegal is certainly not in the spirit of the game.

In a subsequent interview with Neroli Meadows, Frank went full Tassie by shouting out his mates in the Ulverstone Cricket Club.

Again, on-duty cop.

Old mate was on the clock while all this happened.

There you go. The Australian cricket team sucks so hard right now that cops are outshining them. Easily.

What a bloody age we live in.