Aussies Aren’t Holding Back After News Of Melbourne Cup Horse Death

When grim news broke of another horse dying at this year’s Melbourne Cup festivities, Twitter was quick to weigh in on the divisive horse-racing event.

For those who missed the initial news bulletin, shortly after the 3pm “race that stops a nation” various outlets confirmed that Irish horse, Cliffsofmoher, was euthanised after sustaining a shoulder fracture during the Melbourne Cup:

Following the announcement, the RSPCA revealed that Cliffsofmoher is now the sixth horse to die as a result of the race since 2013, joining the likes of Verema, Admire Rakti, Araldo, Red Cadeaux, Regal Monarch:

Scroll down for the most notable Twitter reactions to news of Cliffsofmoher’s death.

Not surprisingly, there are a shittonne of people arguing that the latest casualty is further proof that the Melbourne Cup is a barbaric and unethical national tradition:

Others highlight that the number of horse deaths rises significantly when looking at the horse-racing industry on an annual basis (rather than just the single race), pushing the death toll closer to the 137 mark:

Some added that outlets reporting the event as “tragedy” overlooks the reality of the situation:

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On the other side of the fence, however, are those who maintain this incident was just an unfortunate accident:

Meanwhile others pushed for more regulation to protect the horses:

Some even suggest that there’s something about the Melbourne Cup that leads to more deaths:

Then there are those who really don’t give two shits either way: