In the midst of the brutality and pointlessness of the Melbourne Cup – I’m talking about the horse death, not the woman humping the wheelie bin btw – there’s still the possibility of a brief respite in the form of stories that make you nod and say “hmm, yep, I’ll pay that.”

One such yarn was the bloke who scored himself a whopping $241,744 off a $10 flutter. Now that the dust has settled, the so-called ‘genius’ punter has revealed the locus of his expert skill: it was an accident. Josh Webber told the West Australian his $10 bet was an afterthought which he accidentally entered wrong.
“Usually I just put a few of these little outside punts on and see if my balance goes up a bit,” Webber said. “I thought I had them boxed, but with the odds I think it must have been in order.”

“There was no checking the form or anything. It was just a stab in the dark.”

Turns out Webber’s going to pour the winning back into his pub in Wundowie – but not before he takes his staff out for what I assume would be a reasonably boozy lunch.
Photo: Breaking Bad.