What social media giveth, social media can taketh away.

If you’re Chantelle from Perth, “taketh away” means saying goodbye to nine-hundred whole dollarydoos.

Our intrepid hero posted her winning TAB ticket stub on Facebook after having a bit of a flutter on that horse race yesterday, celebrating Prince of Penzance’s sneaky win. Of course, some crafty bastard on her friends list lifted the fully-displayed barcode, took it to a TAB machine, and claimed the winnings as their own.

Melbourne Cup Punter Posts Winning Ticket To FB, ‘Friend’ Cashes That Shit

Apparently, over-sharing tickets on social media has become such an issue that even cyber-security experts are face-palming hard ’bout it. Airline boarding passes are particularly vulnerable. All of those nice, big barcodes are just ripe to be copied from your #SUMMER2016 album and printed onto fake passes, leaving you as alone as Tom Hanks in The Terminal.

Thankfully, after speaking to police who were able to track where the barcode was used (how’s THAT for a double-edged sword, m8!), Chantelle believes there’s a reasonable chance of having the 100-to-1 winnings returned.

Lesson learnt: if you win something big, keep it in your pants, and only show it to people you trust in private.