Think ghosting is bad? Please pour one out for this woman who flew across the country to go on a date with a man, took a nap and found him gone when she awoke.

You know how midday naps can super disorienting? And it feels like you’ve woken up into a different timeline? Multiply that by 1000 and you may get a semblance of what Samantha (@sdenoyer) felt when she woke to find her date had packed up and vanished. The way I would have gaslit myself into think he never existed…

Samantha took to TikTok and stitched a video about a woman’s date ditching her with the caption: “I flew across the country to see this man and when I woke up from a nap at our hotel he was gone.”

She then included a screenshot of the panicked messages she sent him when she realised he had disappeared.


#stitch with @ayeevuh._ #greenscreen exposing the clown i really am 😭🤡

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She then explained her flurry of texts as a result of being “highly confused” and anxious after being left to fend for herself in a new city.

“Exposing myself for the clown I really am,” she captioned the video.

Look, maybe it is a little goofy to catch a flight just for a man but let’s not pretend this is remotely her fault! It takes five seconds to at least send a text saying “I wasn’t feeling it”. Which is not good enough but at least he could have provided her closure?

Samantha explained in a follow-up video that the man had messaged her because they had mutual friends. After striking up a conversation and becoming familiar with each other on FaceTime, he asked to meet her — and since Samantha really liked him, she agreed.


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♬ original sound – SamanthaMarie

Her flight arrived in his city at midnight, so she stayed the night with him. In the morning the two checked into a hotel, had brunch and then went back to their room where they played board games and shared drinks. Sounds like a gorgeous time???

She then took a 30-minute nap before their dinner plans (which she’d bought a nice dress for) and woke up to find his bag and her vodka gone.

After a bunch of failed attempts at calling him, their mutual friend tried. Her date picked up and was on the line for long enough that she heard “loud music” in the background — and then he hung up when he realised who he was talking to.

Eventually, the guy told Samantha he left because of a “family emergency” — which doesn’t really explain the missing vodka.

The comments on Samantha’s TikTok were infuriated on her behalf.

“WHYYY do men do this someone explain,” one person wrote.

“You’re better off without him,” said another.

Some theorised he left because of a secret girlfriend or wife.

“A hotel when he had a place?” one user asked.

“His wife was out of town for a night and he left before she got home.”

Some people even chastised Samantha for flying out to see a random guy in the first place. Again, let’s not victim-blame! It costs nothing to communicate!

That being said, Samantha said it’s a “lesson learned” and she’s definitely not going to do something like this again. Poor thing.