Andy Lee Admitted He Once Dated, And Got Fkn Ghosted By, Lily Allen

Here’s one for the books: Andy Lee has not only dropped the absolute bombshell this morning that he once dated Lily Allen back in the day, but that she also pulled the ultimate power move of completely ghosting him as well. Hold onto your hats, mates. This is a ride.

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Lee stopped by Nova FM this morning to talk with Fitzy and Wippa, and in the process revealed that around 13 years ago, right before his career fully blew up, Lee caught the eye of a touring Allen after she appeared on his radio show at the time.

The story goes that in 2006, while Allen was touring her breakout album Alright, Still, she appeared on the then-burgeoning Hamish & Andy radio show and took something of a fancy to Lee.

Lee stated that Allen invited him to her show in Melbourne, which he went to, where she dedicated a song to him and serenaded him in front of a packed bar.

Midway through the set Lily said, ‘Hey, I met a really cute guy today. His name’s Andy, works at a radio station … This is a song for him.’ And she played a song called [Littlest Things].

Half the crowd are turning around going, ‘I think she’s talking to you.’ Lily saw me and sung the end of the song to me.

Following the set, Lee was approached by Allen’s manager who invited him out for a drink with the British singer.

We went out for dinner and then we shared a kiss in the car on the way home and I got dropped off. She didn’t come up or anything.

We exchanged phone numbers and from there she reached out again and we went on another date.

That “another date” came a few days later, so the story goes, when Allen texted Lee while he was on air, asking him to come out with her in Sydney. Following some gentle encouragement from Hamish Blake, Lee finished his show, immediately went to Melbourne Airport, and flew to Sydney to once again put the moves on Lily Allen.

I was pretending I knew Sydney and I went to this pub that was recommended for dinner and it was closed. So we just walked the streets and found another pub.

And it’s at that point, Lee claims, that Allen apparently decided that was enough for her and she vanished into thin air.

She left the country and there was a bit of pining. I was like, ‘That was fun, that was great, I think we got along.’ And then I emailed her and never heard back and I thought, ‘Oh gosh, that hasn’t gone well.’

Absolutely bloody huge play. Being an incredibly successful and visible celebrity and still leaving someone on read. You have to respect it.

Ordinarily that alone would be a good yarn, but this one happens to get better.

See, Andy Lee was a regular member of his brother Cam’s band Zoophyte at the time. And so rather than send her another email and try to reconnect, Lee did what any self-respecting 25-year-old with an acoustic guitar and a crush would do: He wrote her a song.

He wrote, get this, Lily Allen a song.

Called, get this, ‘Little Things.’

And the band, GET THIS, actually released it, and you can hear a bit of it below.

Everything about this whole entire yarn: Italian chef kisses. Incredible stuff.

Just for the record: Lee’s current girlfriend Rebecca Harding does know about the song, and has heard it, and according to Lee “found it so funny” that “I think she’s on the verge of wanting to dump me because it was so lame.

Truly outstanding work from all concerned here. Molte bene.