Whether you’re keen to make some boogie mates or are looking for that sentimental disco bae, the excitement of heading to a new festival is always matched with the equally exciting prospect of meeting new funky fresh hoomans. This is why the cyber-cupids over at Tinder have launched Festival Mode for the upcoming Festival X. YEW.

What’s better than watching the likes of Calvin Harris, Lil Pump and Alison Wonderland? Why, watching the likes of Calvin Harris, Lil Pump and Alison Wonderland with the prospect of a new pal or new smooch, of course.

“By partnering with some of Australia’s biggest music festivals,” Kristen Hardeman, Country Manager of Tinder Australia, says, “Festival Mode gives you the opportunity to connect and start chatting before you even arrive.”

So how do you access Festival Mode? It’s pretty darn easy.

All you need to do is jump onto Tinder and start swiping. The below screen will pop up, providing you with the option to add the festival badge to your profile.

Then your pretty little profile will look like this. Bellissimo.

Chucking the Festival Mode badge on your profile will also get you once step closer to accessing VIP upgrades, like queue-skipping and merch.

So what are you bloody waiting for? Let’s get to swipin’. Download the Tinder app now to find the Festival Mode card and unlock some VIP experiences. Groove is in the heart, after all. See you at Festival X, friends!

Image: Getty Images / Mark Metcalfe / Stringer