Even Mother Nature Put On An A-Grade Show At Corona’s SunSets Festival

Tickets for Corona SunSets Festival went on sale to the public for $40. A few days before the event, cheeky on-sellers were charging an inflated $160-$220 (*shakes fist at random teenagers passing by*). 

Normally we’d say name and shame the bastards, but we do kinda/sorta understand why they felt obliged to mark-up the original price so substantially (we still think you’re assholes, btw). When the likes of: Alison WonderlandFlight Facilities ft Owl EyesJuno Mars of Jagwar MarNina Las VegasGeorge MapleThe Ocean PartyPearlsCrooked ColoursHayden JamesBasenjiGenerikDr. PackerMike Metro, and Ace Basik come to town, you don’t just sell-off your tix for asking price. 
Fremantle’s South Beach was transformed into a wooden-planked playground on Saturday – a massive wanker might feel compelled to call it a ~majestic vista~. It seems as though even mother nature was in the mood to get r3kt, casting orange-hues through the clouds that would’ve served as quite the talking-point for severely off-bone attendees. 
Anyway, check out the snaps captured by Life Without Andy‘s, Jack Lawrence, and let the jealousness envelop you.    
Photos: Jack Lawrence / Life Without Andy.