This Girl’s Quest To Unlock Her Man’s Phone With His Face ID Is Nothing Short Of Inspiring

face id viral tweet

Once in a while, I’ll stumble across a video that reignites the fire within my usually-dormant heart, shakes me to my very-shooketh core and brings me to my knees as I pray to a higher power in thanks for uniting me with such slap-worthy content. It’s safe to say that the following footage, posted by Twitter user @ElliDaReuler, is one of those videos.

[jwplayer zj1sqaX2]

@ElliDaReuler posted footage depicting a fearless angel trying get her manses to unlock his damn phone with face ID, alongside the caption “Man I thought she was pepper spraying him but she was trying to get his Face ID.”

Homeboy puts up a valiant effort in resisting the face ID, performing what can only be described as Matrix-style movements as he avoids face-to-screen contact.

This girl is also me in any situation ever. How I love you, sis.

Twitter obviously swarmed to the woman’s defence, advising her to run for the high hills.

I mean, yes, if I was dating someone and they were THAT stressed about showing their phone, I’d be ditching their booty in a heartbeat, but can we not detract from the fact that our girl is hungry and fearless and won’t stop at anything until she gets answers? I could honestly cry with pride.

I also cannot stress enough – this determined Goddess exists within us all when we’re feeling a bit jealous or insecure. She’s a martyr. A saint.

The internet is a beautiful, beautiful place.