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I’m single. I also like music. So given Tinder was rolling out its Festival Mode for Festival X over the weekend, which had a sweet lineup of EDM favourites including Armin Van Buuren, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki, I decided to try and make the two work together.

here’s hopin’ he looks like Calvin

What I learned? Finding love isn’t easy. But hey, is it ever? That being said, it’s absolutely possible, so keep reading for my firsthand tips on how to help that happen at a music festival. At least your spirits will already be high.

1. Sort Festival Mode before entering the grounds

While the standard Tinder lets you check out a smorgasbord of babes, as you do every other night, Festival Mode gives you the option to add a badge to your profile – a badge of the festival you’re attending.

The Festival Mode option will come up on your screen and once you agree to it, you get the badge on your profile. Stunning. Not only can you see other people with the badge, they can see yours as well. What better way to increase your chances of finding a potential ~lover~ than bonding over your shared love of sweet tunes and good vibe-rations?

Besides, nothing gets you keen like scoping out what’ll be on offer before you even get there. It’s nice to know the calibre ahead of time, you know?

simples. photo: Maria Louise Boyadgis, Life Without Andy

2. Conversation starters are a cinch

The first guy I saw with the badge was a 12/10 – think Liam Hemsworth and Jeremy from The Mindy Project‘s spawn. No brainer. Swipe right. Boom. Match.

Best part? The conversation starter was quite literally spelled out for us, given we both had the badge of Festival X honour. We bonded over who we wanted to see (Calvin Harris) pretty quick sticks, as well as other musicians we had seen in the past.

3. Wear something that’ll help you stand out

When Festival X finally arrived and I rocked up to Sydney Showground to find my Mr. Lover-Lover, I felt pretty hot in my half pony, winged eyeliner, adequately ripped denim jeans. Until I looked around. Mum, can you pick me up? I’m a basic.

If I had my time over I’d wear something that I could tell all the babe-centrals I’d swiped right on to look out for. You know, like a veil and bouquet or a unicorn mask. The usual.

4. Your odds are gooooood

More than 50,000 people turned up to the festival – so by my own estimation, at least one single, available person was bound to be up to meet, even if they just wanted to be mates. It’s all good.

I began swiping away and after passing over a few guys who weren’t going to the festival, I found one with the Festival X badge.

It was a match but it turned out he forgot his ID and had to race back home and get it. OK… Good news is there were 49,999 others I could meet.

5. Plan accordingly

This brings me to my next point. PLAN PLAN PLAN. If I had been able to match with more people prior to the festival, there could have been more chances for arranged meetings. Pick a time between acts, an easily found meeting spot (like the 40-foot Tinder Tower or Tinder’s VIP Fast Lanes) and get their confirmation before walking in and battling with thousands of other people’s reception.

Finding a festival date is possible peeps – you just gotta be prepared.

tinder festival mode
pictured: me and fellow badge-haver. Photo: Maria Louise Boyadgis, Life Without Andy

6. There’s always next time

When one festival ends, another begins. Even though Festival X is over, Tinder Festival Mode is also available for both Beyond The Valley and Falls Festival – just make sure you add the Beyond The Valley or Falls badge to your Tinder profile to find a date or mate. Aside from being able to find yourself a grade-A babe, Tinder has exclusive experiences at the festivals that’ll make you feel like a VIP, like the Tinder Beach Club that’ll cool you down from all the fire banter at Beyond The Valley.

If I’m still single and on Tinder, hit me up.

I’ll be the one in the Unicorn mask.

Image: Maria Louise Boyadgis / Life Without Andy