If you’re a single pringle and you’ve got some festivals coming up, and you wanna scope out the other singles to mingle with while watching the sunset set, then you’ll probably love this update from swipelords, Tinder.

Newly rolled-out Festival Mode in the US and UK allows folks who are headed to a particular festival to match and connect with others, ahead of the actual festival itself.

It’s essentially giving people the ability to slide in and say hi when they’ve got ample phone reception, instead of when they’re stuck in the middle of a festival trying to swipe to their heart’s content.

Tinderellas are encouraged to add a festival badge to their profile – which could probably be used as sweet bragging rights that yep, you ARE going to Glastonbury this year – which then unlocks other people outside of their proximity to potentially match with.

At this point, there are no Aussie festivals on the app’s feature, but we’ve been promised that there will be the option to add a solid Aussie fest in the future and uhh can we put bets on Splendour? Surely that’s it, right?

So keep an eye on your app in the upcoming weeks, when you’ll be able to slap a local festival onto your profile.

Image: Comedy Central