Apparently The New Breakup Trend Is Spilling Every Gruesome Aspect Of The Split On TikTok

The latest relationship trend on TikTok is all about being an open book, which can be absolutely daunting to some people. But I high-key love this trend.

Lately, content creators from all walks of life are sharing every teenie weenie detail of their breakups on social media. Sometimes, it’ll be daily updates about how they’re coping and ways they’ve healed, and other times, it’s just moments of pure vulnerability.

Unfortunately, in some cases, when people share these intimate moments, they can get completely roasted. I remember this one viral TikToker, Tammy Chow (@somaticspirit), was obliterated for her “processing the most triggering breakup [she] had in nine years” video, as the first couple of the frames depicted her being completely inconsolable over the demise of her relationship.

Although her breakup video went gangbusters for the wrong reasons, Tammy continued to document the process of getting through her relationship breakdown — which I absolutely applaud her for.

And it seems like many other folks have jumped on this method of healing after a breakup.

Aussie TikToker, Danielle Marie (@danni..mb) has gone viral for sharing the process of getting through her recent breakup via daily vlogs.

In her “Day One after a breakup” video, which has more than 5.4 million views, Danielle shared some details about the relationship and how her ex slowly moved his things out of their house.

Many folks filled her comments with positive affirmations and support. Some people also made some suggestions that could possibly help the TikToker heal. It’s kind of as if Danielle had cultivated a mini-support group within her comment section.

(Image source: TikTok / @danni..mb)

Speaking to, Mental Health expert Tracey Horton said this kind of content becoming popular was not surprising as it is within human nature to share things — whether it is good or bad — with other people.

“Emotions are always healthier for us when we can speak and share them and social platforms like TikTok have created a genuine outlet for us to see and be seen,” she told the publication.

As someone whose job, degree and life revolve around talking, sharing news and being an open book, I am 100 per cent for this new “trend”.

I think it’s so healthy to talk about your emotions, healing process and all that good stuff instead of bottling it up.

I also love the idea that it disrupts the social media expectation of everything being prim and perfect. A great example of this is Anna Paul and how her content is so real and candid.

Even though she didn’t document her whole breakup process, like other influencers, her breakup announcement was so raw.

Most TikTok trends are a hard pass but I truly love this one.