Emily Ratajkowski Shaded ‘Ugly’ Men On TikTok In A Dig At Her Cheating Ex & It’s Brutal AF

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard next to a picture of a TikTok comment.

Emily Ratajkowski implied her cheating ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard was “ugly” in a shady AF TikTok and honestly, fair enough queen.

The newly-single model, actress and author stitched a TikTok video captioned: “When he thinks he’s a 10 because he pulled you but you like ugly men.” Looking deadpan at the camera, she mouthed the lyrics ““How can I say this in a friendly way?”

Ooft. Humble him, sis!

Of course, the comments on her TikTok went haywire immediately given Ratajkowski split with her husband just weeks ago.


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“Emily this is god tier breakup behaviour,” one user wrote.

“This trend is literally made for you,” wrote another.

“Emrata I am loving this era,” said a third.

One person even said Ratajkowski should get compensation for her “charity work” in marrying Bear-McClard and honestly, true.

Ratajkowski then pinned her own comment which said: “For legal reasons this is a joke”. It damn well is because I am HOLLERING.

ICYMI, Page Six reported in July that Emily Ratajkowski was divorcing Sebastian Bear-McClard (who you might know as the producer of Uncut Gems) because he allegedly cheated on her. Imagine cheating on Em Rata… the audacity. I can’t.

Side note: what is it with average AF men cheating on their goddess wives? I’m looking at you Jay-Z.

Ratajkowski and Bear-McClard got married in a courthouse wedding in 2018 just weeks into publicly dating.

In 2021, they welcomed a baby boy together and things seemed good. Then cheating rumours surfaced in early 2022 — and though they’ve yet to be confirmed by either party, it’s looking like there was enough to warrant a divorce.  For one thing, Em Rata was caught liking tweets by fans who called Bear-McClard a cheater.

Ratajkowski was spotted moving her stuff out of his apartment in August, so they’re pretty much donezo. She’s also no longer wearing her wedding ring. And now it looks like she’s in the “fuck you” phase of the breakup process.

You know, the final stage of grief.