The World’s 2 Hottest People, Brad Pitt & Emily Ratajkowski, Could Potentially Be Dating

As far as celebrity dating gossip goes, it doesn’t get much juicier than anything involving Brad Pitt. Well, that is unless you add Emily Ratajkowski to the mix. Grab a mug ‘cos we’re about to pour some scalding hot tea.

A source who spoke to Page Six said Brad and Emily had “been seen a couple times together” and that “people have been speculating about this for a while”.

Pardon me. My brain is legit short-circuiting trying to process the idea that these two genetic masterpieces could be dating.

The source went on to say that “Brad is not dating anybody” and has “been seen with other people”.

Never say never though, right? Sounds to me like it defo be a future flame.

Emily Ratajkowski and her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard split up in July following allegations he had repeatedly cheated on her with multiple women.

Since the breakup, Em Rata’s social media presence has been in fine form.

Earlier in September, she stitched a TikTok captioned: “When he thinks he’s a 10 because he pulled you but you like ugly men.”

OOFT. Someone call Nandos ‘cos Em Rata’s stolen all the peri-peri.

Just last week, Em Rata also became loosely involved in the ongoing Adam Levine cheating saga.

The model posted not one, but two TikToks in defence of Sumner Stroh and women at large.

On the Brad Pitt side of the equation, the 58-year-old (which sounds untrue) actor is thought to have been involved with (*wink wink*) Swedish singer Lykke Li, actress Alia Shawkat, Grammy winner Andra Day and model Nicole Poturalski.

Brad split from ex-wife Angelina Jolie in 2016. She was then rumoured to be dating The Weeknd earlier in 2022, though it was never confirmed.

At this point, Hollywood has gotta be the most incestuous place on the planet.

Everyone’s rooting everyone and half of them have kids together.

What a place!