Shade Queen Em Rata Seemingly Roasted Pete Davidson On Her Podcast Following Their Brutal Split

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The totally real and not at all for PR relationship between Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski ended last week and shade has already been thrown.

ICYMI: Page Six previously reported that the couple torched their fake as fuck relationship after an unnamed person shared the following weird-ass statement.

“Their fling has moved into the friends zone,” a source told the publication, adding, that that’s “fine with both of them.”

If ya ask me, that statement was probably shared by one of the scorned “lovers” themselves to save face. Or their PR rep. Just a theory…

Like clockwork, Ratajkowski has gone on a savage rant on Tuesday’s episode of her High Low podcast, which is interesting timing.

In the episode, the model went on a tear about how men can’t handle powerful women and points were made.

“They’re like, ‘You’re special. You’ve done it,’” Ratajkowski said.

“They slowly get emasculated, and they don’t know what to do with those feelings, and they resent you, and then they start to tear you down,” the model continued.

“And then you’re just back to square one.”

Describing this concept as “fucked up and unfair,” Ratajkowski said she can “understand dating women” instead and having mutual “respect” in a relationship.

“There might be competition … but it doesn’t feel like somebody’s taking something away from someone else,” she said.

“Weirdly with heteronormative relationships, I feel like that happens,” she added. “The strength and the power is associated with the masculine, and once the woman has that, the man doesn’t know what else he has.

“But I’m like, ‘How about you just be better at expressing your emotions and being there emotionally? That would be great.’”

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski during their short-lived relationship. (Credit: Getty)

To be fair, she could also be referring to her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard whom she broke up with earlier this year.

But given that she shared this nugget of info one week after her split from Pete Davidson, I’m betting there’s defs shades of him mixed in there.

Davidson and Ratajkowski were first linked in November, just after their respective splits from Kim Kardashian and Bear-McClard.

Breakup rumours were ignited recently when Davidson was spotted with his Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star Chase Sui Wonders, while Ratajkowski was snapped with artist Jack Greer.

Kim Kardashian seemingly referenced the couple in a series of reflective Insta stories recently.

As per Page Six the book excerpt shared by Kim read “If you risk all for love and it doesn’t work out, there is no failure because all love stories are, in truth, hero tales.

“And no growth of the heart is a waste, ever.”

Another quote read, “Your choice of relationship partner is one of the main sources of your success (or failure), joy (or misery) and tranquility (or worry).”

Wow, so deep. But also, so telling of how she’s coping?

Kim’s stories were uploaded right around the time we copped our first official pics of Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski (Em Rata) together. Coincidence? We’ll leave you to make your own minds up.

But, as anyone who saw those Pete and Em Rata piccies would know, it certainly looked like those two celebs were in a loving, wholesome relationship. Or so they wanted us to think.

Page Six shared a heap of pap pics of the pair meeting up for Davidson’s 29th birthday.

According to the publication, “the couple laughed as they embraced before walking down the dark hallway.” Definitely sounded like a fun birthday party to me… sick invites Pete.

If you’d like to see the spicy piccies of the two hugging in grey sweatpants (I am looking respectfully), Page Six has all the tea.

In case you missed it, Instagram gossip mogul Deuxmoi first spoke of the rumours of this couple on the weekend, revealing Pete and Em Rata had been spotted on a date. The source claimed Pete’s hands were “allll over her” and the two were “holding hands” and “clearly hooking up”.

Us Weekly confirmed the rumours, after an insider (grain of salt, etc.) told the publication the two have been talking for “a couple of months now” and “really like each other”.

“Pete makes Emily laugh and he loves how intelligent she is,” the source said.

Pete Davidson Emily Ratajkowski Dating
*Paris Hilton voice* That’s hot.

The news came three months after Pete split from ex Kim Kardashian, another very hot, recently divorced, totally-out-of-his-league MILF who he somehow dated for 10 months.

How does Pete do it, you ask?  My theory is just that he’s a very nice man. This appeals to women who have recently divorced total assholes. He makes a great boyfriend and an even better rebound, I’m sure. That, or he was a wild schlong.

Speaking of recently divorcing assholes, Emily Ratajkowski left Sebastian Bear-McClard in July after being married for nearly four years amidst cheating rumours. Rumours that have never plagued the infamously over-committed and sweet Pete, bless him.

However, there’s a theory going around that the relationship the two are flaunting is actually a PR sham.

Blinds on Deuxmoi speculated the reasons behind such a stunt could be that a) Em Rata has entered her villain era and wants to make her ex jealous or b) Pete Davidson wants to distract from the alleged meltdown he had on the set of his Peacock show.

The latter is facing allegations of throwing candles through a trailer, damaging a truck windshield and throwing coffee on walls. A source also claims he “folded a TV in half inside his trailer” which sounds impossible for any human except the Hulk but go off, I guess.

The point is, these two would benefit from a PR relationship together. But it looks like they didn’t receive as much PR as they would’ve liked. Ah well.