Remember When TikTok Went Nuts Over The Wild Reminder Some Dude On A Syd Train Penned On His Hand?

TikTok screenshot of man scratching his neck with phrase "write breakup email" written on hand and John Krasinski as Jim Halpert in The Office looking shocked

A bloke in Sydney was spotted on the train with the following phrase scribbled on his hand: “Send breakup email” and is now getting rinsed on TikTok. A truly mysterious reminder if there ever was one.

The man was scratching his neck when RnB Fridays host Emma Chow noticed the chicken scrawl on his hand and recorded a sneaky TikTok.

@mikeeandemma Don’t forget to break up with her #breakup #brokenheart #douche #coward #fboy #dumped #fyp #mikeeandemma #rnbfridays #rnbfridaysradio ♬ original sound – Mike E & Emma

Initially, I screamed. A breakup email? In 2023? Could it be that the phenomenon of working from home has rotted this man’s brain and now Gmail guides all his social interactions?

The concept of breaking up with someone over email is adjacent to telling your parents you’re pregnant via LinkedIn InMail. It’s simply bizarre.

Chow was also shook, telling co-host Mike E about her bamboozlement on air.

“I had to take a video of this because I couldn’t quite believe this guy had written this note on his hand,” she said.

“Firstly, how embarrassing, secondly unbeknown to her, this poor girl is going to get broken up with and it’s just going to land in her Gmail and be like ‘I don’t want to be together anymore’.”

The people of TikTok were also confused.

One user commented: “Why do I feel like an email would be worse than a text.”

“EMAIL??? not even a call or text?? DAMN, That’s cold,” said another.

“This is the most heartless way to break up with someone,” wrote another user.

But then I put my nuance hat on, for it is an important one to wear. We are but submissives to the sexy discourse dominatrix.

Something about writing such a reminder on your hand felt odd to me. It’s unnatural; if breaking up with your partner were so important, would you not just do it? Why the need to remind yourself?

Maybe it truly was such a chore and the bloke was doing everything in his power to avoid it, thus resorted to penning a reminder on his hand.

But the vibes of this hypothesis felt off. It failed the vibe check.

As many a TikTok user pointed out in the comments, there’s a possibility the bloke worked in sales and was referring to the type of email you send prospects when your attempts to reach out have flopped. A professional breakup of sorts.

“It’s a sales term. He’s writing it to a prospect,” one user commented.

“Poor guy just works in inbound sales and is going to get dragged to hell and back,” said another.

Given the fact a “breakup email” in the professional sense is a legitimate thing, I am more inclined to believe this bloke was dumping a prospect who was ghosting him.

But you never know! Wilder things have happened this year. Like Jeff Bezos on the cover of Vogue in a yeehaw country-western-inspired photoshoot.