Jeff Bezos’ Cringe Photoshoot With Vogue Is Really Not Helping The Lizard Man Allegations

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez in Vogue cover

Vogue is getting (rightfully) dragged for its latest cover spread, which features none other than the world’s least popular (alleged) human Jeff Bezos. And this is on the same day GQ published its Jacob Elordi cover. How could it even compete?

In the profile, a western-themed photoshoot (because the interview takes place at Bezos’ ranch) depicts Bezos in a cowboy hat, sitting in a truck with his fiancée Lauren Sánchez draped seductively over him, her cheek pressed against his.

That might sound fine, but the image is giving uncanny valley with the over-airbrushing, blurred lips and what I suspect to be a generous focus on a certain bicep. Peep it for yourself below:

As if the image wasn’t bonkers enough, the caption on Vogue‘s Instagram post alongside it is certainly… something.

“Much has been made of Jeff Bezos’s evolution from online bookseller to Tony Stark titan of industry and the third richest man in the world,” it begins.

“Once insular and press-shy, he formed a cocoon around Amazon and his personal life. Now it’s as if he’s emerged from his chrysalis, no longer Amazon CEO (a role he ceded in 2021) but an empty nester who is venturing not only into the Adriatic but into outer space.”

Emerging from a chrysalis? Outer space? This is not helping the lizard man allegations.

“His fiancée, Lauren Sánchez, by all accounts is the perfect partner for it all — unbridled in her enthusiasm but also socially adept, attentive, a diplomat of a kind,” the caption continues.

“‘Lauren has amazing intuition’ says Bezos. ‘She sees things that other people don’t see. She’s really very sensitive to other people and what they’re thinking.’”

Obviously, commenters dragged the image to hell and back, with many questioning why Vogue would even consider doing a puff-piece on Bezos.

I mean, this is the guy who has been accused, on multiple occasions, of forcing employees to work in unsafe conditions and of consistently underpaying them. Then there’s all the union-busting stuff too. Like the classic saying proclaims, there’s no ethical way to become a billionaire.

“BILLIONAIRES COSPLAYING AS WORKING CLASS PEOPLE 🤣 please… be for real,” one person wrote, while another called the image “tone deaf”.

“Ridiculous photograph. Halloween is over,” slammed another.

Some simply asked “WTF?” while others called the picture “uncomfortable”.

“I wish IG had a filter to let me block any billionaire PR content,” someone added.

“How much did he pay y’all to engorge his bicep,” one Instagram user asked. This comment is obvs my fave.

Vogue also shared a separate shoot focused solely on Sánchez (since the actual profile focuses on her specifically), which also feels bizarre and out of sync with audiences. One image from the shoot depicts her laying down in a red sequined dress inside a clock tower.

Honestly, bonkers images a side, I would love to know who at Vogue decided on the talent for this cover.

I mean, this came out on the same day as GQ‘s cover of our fave white boy of the year Jacob Elordi — a perfect decision given his upcoming performance in psycho-sexual thriller Saltburn, and of course, his super-hyped depiction of Elvis Presley in Priscilla.

Is Vogue telling us that, in comparison to this excellent choice, the best talent it could find was the cringey, washed-up billionaire who:

Yeah, nah, surely it can do better. Let’s please never publish a puff piece on Jeff Bezos again.

Image: Annie Leibovitz / Vogue