Pls Enjoy This Vid Of Jeff Bezos Awkwardly Watching His GF Thirst Over Leonardo DiCaprio

Jeff Bezos watching his girlfriend fawn over Leonardo Dicaprio.

I know we’ve all made 11,000 jokes about noted billionaire Jeff Bezosgiant cock rocket/overcompensation, but it’s really fucking hard not to when you see this incredibly embarrassing footage of his girlfriend losing her goddamn mind over Leonardo DiCaprio.

Lauren Sanchez is currently dating the second (lol) richest man in the world (Bezos’ net worth is USD$177 billion), but I don’t think the money is quite doing it for her considering she nearly yeeted out of her relationship on the spot for Leo D.

In a video that is going off its tits on Twitter, Lauren can be seen fawning over Leonardo, clinging to him like her life depends on it, and trying to pull him closer when he moves away. Her eyes are screaming “please run away into the sunset with me”, and just watching her makes me feel like I’m cheating. The funniest part, though? The entire time she desperately tries to drown Leo in ‘come hither’ vibes, Jeff Bezos is standing right next to her, awkwardly pretending that this isn’t embarrassing as fuck.

I truly cannot do the video justice, so just please do me a favour and watch it for yourself below.

Sorry, but that’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend now. Bezos who?

Obviously Twitter is having a fucking field day over this, since watching the evil little egg man struggle in literally any capacity will never not be funny.

Also, Jeff Bezos trying and failing to get a sentence out uninterrupted is fucking incredible. The look of resignation. Impeccable stuff.

Jeff Bezos doesn’t need to worry though, Leo hasn’t dated a girl over 25 years old since the 90s. His relationship is safe xoxo.