Jeff Bezos Slammed For ‘Absurd’ Rocket Launch Celebration After 6 Employees Died In Tornado


The world’s richest two-legged egg is being torn an absolute new one after he neglected to mention the Amazon factory employees who sadly perished in yesterday’s tornado, and instead celebrated the launch of his New Shepard rocket.

Considering the harrowing fallout from the tornado currently sweeping across the United States, Jeff Bezos’ enthusiasm for the latest voyage came off as incredibly tactless.

Yesterday it was reported that six of the billionaire’s warehouse employees had passed away after the tornado made its way to Illinois. Thankfully, 45 people were rescued from the building, though first responders said more people may be trapped under the rubble.

Edwardsville Fire Chief James Whiteford outlined the grim situation to reporters stating that his team were “now focused solely on recovery … we don’t expect that anyone could be surviving at this time”.

Bezos’ decision to focus his attention on his rocket launch without giving a shred of commiseration to the families of his six deceased employees was dumb to say the least. Public outrage was reflected in a tweet by one user who posted a heartbreaking image of the obliterated Amazon warehouse next to an image of Bezos congratulating one of the rocket’s joy-riding crew members.

Another user made a similar post showcasing what’s now left of Bezos’ warehouse.

Maybe the most poignant and sensible roast of all was this next tweet which questioned why the fk Amazon workers were made to show up to work considering the tornado warnings.

Given his selfish and apathetic behaviour, it will come as no surprise that when Bezos sent himself to space in the Penis Rocket™, a petition which collected 10k signatures was created to block his entry back to Earth.

At the time of writing, he is sadly still here, although we haven’t given up hope.