Polished Kidney Stone Jeff Bezos Dropped His Unhinged Vision For Earth’s Future & Please, STFU

Jeff Bezos discuss humanity's future, space colonisation and holidaying to Earth.

The world’s most hated billionaire, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has revealed his vision for humanity’s future, and of course it’s more colonisation. This tracks, honestly.

Bezos made the comments in an address to the Ignatius Forum in Washington DC this week.

During a surprise appearance at a discussion about U.S. space policy featuring NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, Bezos used those lizard braincells of his and dropped his vision of humanity’s hyper-advanced aspirations.

“Over centuries, many people will be born in space. It will be their first home,” he said.

“They will be born on these colonies, live on these colonies, then they’ll visit Earth the way you would visit, you know, Yellowstone National Park.”

Ah, so we’re going to *checks notes* live in space and then holiday on Earth, despite the fact that the average person currently cannot afford to buy a house.

Honestly, if Earth is even still alive in the few centuries and not destroyed by climate change, I’ll be happy.

You know what’s so irritating though? This man could envision anything in the world, and his idea for a technologically advanced future is colonisation???? Um, okay. What about paying your taxes Jeff Bezos?? Have you tried imagining that??


It’s not the first time he’s brought up space colonies either.

In 2019, Bezos said he had plans to create space colonies for up to one trillion people (???) with hypothetical technology known called O’Neill cylinders.

The spinning cylinders apparently rotate and replicate Earth’s gravity, theoretically providing sustainable life for humans, animals and plants.

“This is Maui on its best day, all year long,” Mr Bezos said of the technology in May 2019.

“No rain. No earthquakes. People are going to want to live here.”

People would be just fine living on Earth if Bezos channeled his billions worth of exploitation-wrought blood money into fixing the home we currently have, but go off I guess.

God, he is the worst.