The delicate time after a break-up, when most of us are posting on our socials about ~all the fun we’re having~ or trying to trap thirsty followers with some deliciously-saucy selfies, Justin Theroux is trumping us all – he’s gone and posted photos of himself with a bunch of tiny puppies.


The very-handsome star of Star Wars, Parks And Recreation, and The Leftovers shared the impossibly-adorable photos of himself nuzzling a couple of wee pitbull babies recently, sending us all into a tizzy of AWWs and various ovary or phantom-ovary explosions.

Oh and not only is it a photo, it’s a whole god damn gallery of heart-liquefying adorableness. Please, take a moment to click through and sigh heavily over how perfect and precious these photos are. You’re worth it.

I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge that this has unequivocally shifted the bar for ‘post-breakup social content’ to a new high. This is a whole other level of thirst-trapping – instead of starting a fire in our loins, this damned series of angelic, blessed puppy photos have punched me directly in the heart.

Well played, Justin. Well bloody played.

Image: Instagram