A “highly aggressive” cow has been tranquillised and captured after he rampaged his way through a quaint German town.

After escaping from his paddock, the animal was in a bit of a mood and promptly wreaked havoc on the small town of San am Main, Germany.

A local farmer contacted authorities after realising that his 600kg beast had managed to escape from his property on Saturday night.

The ordeal went on for more than four hours on Sunday, with police following closely behind the adorably aggressive farm animal.

Locals were in for quite a fright as the raging beast tore through the small town, destroying property and frightening residents.

“It may sound funny initially, but it was a very dangerous deployment,” Police Commander Andreas Winkler told Licha-Media.de.

Police called multiple squad cars and a helicopter to the scene in order to track and eventually subdue the animal, proving for a truly wild weekend in the quaint town.

The town, which is documented to have a population of a little over 3,000, was absolutely ravaged by the aggressive animal, damaging a squad car, a moped and destroying an entire greenhouse.

The cow’s owner was also knocked down in his path of destruction after attempting to calm down the spooked bovine. Thankfully, the owner sustained no serious injuries after the fall, despite being a little shaken up.

Eventually, the animal was able to be captured and tranquillised after wandering down a dead-end alleyway in the town. The cow has since been returned to his home, where stronger angry-cow-proof fences are likely being installed.

You know what they say, don’t have a cow, man. And if you do, make sure you have a strong fence.

Image: Getty Images