Canada Has Somehow Produced An Even Larger Cow Than Our Own Big Cow

Big Cow

You know what they say – you wait ages for one big cow, and then two of them turn up at once. Such is the case today, with the appearance of a Canadian beast known as Dozer, who is somehow even more of a massively solid unit than our own big cow, Knickers.

Earlier this week, Knickers, a Holstein Friesan who stands at just over 6’3, captivated the world, as people wondered how such a large creature could come to be, where he is going, what he wants, unaware that there was an even bigger bovine waiting in the wings.

After Knickers’ story went viral, the owners of the Kismet Creek Farm, an animal sanctuary in Canada, took to Facebook to introduce the world to Dozer, also a Holstein Friesan, whose height is an astonishing 6’5, meaning he has more than an inch on our boy.

Karl Schoenrock, who runs the farm, told local news sources that Dozer is a gentle giant and a “smusher”, adding “you start scratching him and he’ll just push into you just to get more scratches, and he loves it.” Right, well if you need me, I’ll be booking flights to Canada so I can give pats to this very good boy forever.

Big cow though he may be, Dozer is still not the biggest – that honour goes to an Italian ox called Bellino, who was found to be a little under 6’6 when he was measured in 2012.