Rejoice, my friends, ‘cos it’s the Unlikely Animal Alliance hour! Today’s UAA: a Northern Territory hen, and her furry little babysitter, the possum.

Humpty Doo resident Kathy Allen has told the NT News about the shock she received when she went out to collect her chook’s eggs, and found this fluffy layabout lounging on one of the nests.

Cop a look at that mug. Ridiculous.

I definitely jumped when I first saw the possum – it was pretty weird.

You may expect our furry mate to have ulterior (snack-related) motives for getting up close and personal with the eggos, but nope – apparently he’s not at all interested in eating them.

He’s been coming and going for around a month now and just lies there – he doesn’t eat the eggs either.

So I've taken a few cutesie animal pics in my time but i have to say this one got me, A possum that thinks its a chook and fully takes ownership of the chooks eggs after they have laid … Now thats cool..

Posted by Katrina Bridgeford on Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Allen reckons that the enclosed nesting boxes make a great nap spot for the noctural possum’s daytime snoozes, especially as the chooks seem to have worked out a roster system for him.

It’s really funny because the possum sleeps there during the day and then leaves at night for the chooks to lay more eggs.

Easy. Efficient. These little mates have got the concept of synergy down pat.

Except, uh…

I actually found a chicken laying an egg while sitting on top of the possum, so I think they have both just accepted each other.

I’m thinking seriously about starting a petition to get Kathy Allen a rooster, just so we can experience the joy of a bamboozled possum hatching a bunch of chicks.

But for now, this is the end of today’s story of Unlikely Animal Alliance. Until next time!

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Source: NT News
Image: Facebook / Katrina Bridgeford