WATCH: Loose NT Unit Smashes World Record For Loudest Burp

Welp. I guess we’ve all gotta be known for something.

An absolute weapon with military-grade guts has hauled in another world record for Australia – this time for the Loudest Burp ever recorded.
Neville Sharp, from the ever-excellently named Humpty Doo (about 40km south-east of Darwin) has belched his way into the record books by recording the loudest burp that mankind has ever officially recorded.
A prize burper from a young age, Sharp underwent a strict training regime before undertaking the record attempt in a soundproof booth at Charles Darwin University.
And when he says “strict training regime,” he means “a 600ml Coke and some cool water.”
Was there anything else involved?
My beer fridge is always full.

Ken oath.

The record was previously held by UK resident Paul Dunn, who expelled air from his stomach at a volume of 109.9 decibels.
Sharp’s first attempt registered at a measly-by-comparison 97.8. But attempt number two proved to be the winner, clocking in at an astonishing 110.6 decibels.
To put that in perspective, your average really fucking loud concert tends to sit in the 108-114db range.

The record attempt is now being sent off to Guinness to be officially verified, but the celebrations have already begun up in Humpty Doo, according to the man himself.

“The phone hasn’t stopped all morning. A Melbourne radio station is playing my burps.”

“My wife actually woke me up at 5:30 this morning saying ‘you’re on telly’. It’s gone off its head.”

True Australian heroes aren’t born, dear friends. They’re made.

Source: ABC News.