Meet Asbestos, The Tiny Kitten Who Fell Through A Melbourne Share House Roof

asbestos kitten

Here’s a bloody heartwarmer and a half: a Melbourne household now has one extra member, after a tiny feral kitten literally fell into their lives.

Asbestos, as he has been christened, tumbled through the ceiling of Ellie Hayward‘s share house in the big rains at the beginning of December (in an interview with Buzzfeed, Hayward described the rental house as “decrepit“).

As Hayward tells it, while she was getting ready for bed during the storm, she heard a crash from the other room. Expecting to find a possum, she ran in, only to discover a feral cat (who immediately bolted), and a tiny hissing bundle of fluff. She told Buzzfeed:

My housemates woke up and came into my room and we decided within about 30 seconds that we were keeping him, and named him Asbestos in the first 10 minutes.

She said that it was obvious he’d never seen people before, having probably lived his whole life in the wall with mum, but while he was very bitey at first, he quickly settled in to the family.

Obviously, Asbestos now has his own Instagram account, which I urge you to follow.

And in an extremely miracle-of-Christmas kinda way, his tumble from the heavens has prompted a bunch of other people to share their own stories of suddenly becoming cat owners.

Apparently Hayward is no stranger to adopting surprise cats – her current feline housemate was dumped on her doorstep as a kitten. Lucky Asbestos. Of all the roofs in all the world, it seems like he got to fall through the best (albeit possibly rottennest) one. Congratulations all round.