‘No Common Sense’: Wedding Planner Completely Destroys Bride’s Special Day W/ One Huge Mistake

A wedding planner has completely obliterated a bride’s special day with one teenie weenie mistake that could’ve been avoided.

As someone who unfortunately doesn’t have any plans to get married in the near future, I am weirdly obsessed with wedding stories. Especially ones that go haywire.

I just love the chaos. The drama and all the ugly that weddings can bring out in people. It’s completely wild how one special day can completely change someone.

However, this tale I’m about to share with you is not about an overbearing mother-in-law or a demanding bride. It’s about how a wedding planner — who probably spent a lot of time, stress and tears into organising this celebration — who royally fucked up someone’s special day.

A user on X, formerly known as Twitter, who goes by 1oak (@ASHstrology) went viral after they shared a video of a flooded hotel room caused by the wedding planner.

You see, the wedding planner attempted to hang the bride’s wedding gown on the hotel room’s fire sprinkler, but the weight of the dress caused the sprinkler’s glass to break, resulting in blaring alarms, an unstoppable gush of water and pure anarchy.

“When the wedding planner with no common sense hangs the wedding dress on the sprinklers in the hotel room,” they wrote in their post.

“This careless choice ruined hair and makeup for the entire bridal party, the wedding dress & my wife’s makeup and equipment, which cost 3,000.”

Everything was completely flooded. You could hear one person, presumably the guilty wedding planner, say “sorry” and another woman frantically looking for her phone amongst the chaos of the sprinklers.

Now… if that had been me, I would’ve just gone home. Or I would’ve silently sobbed under the piercing wails of the alarms and running water.

However, according to an update from the Xer, the bride still got married, wearing the dress intended for the reception.

The user wrote: “She wore her reception dress and couldn’t reschedule the wedding because her family is from out of the country.

“The hotel room is in the [bride’s] name so technically, she is responsible. The bride will have to sue the wedding planner.”

The user also explained that she wasn’t directly involved in the wedding, but their wife was the makeup artist for this function and that all her equipment was destroyed in the mayhem.

They then shared more photos of the destruction the sprinklers caused.

There haven’t been any updates from the Xer account, but their wife Jahara Jennaè, who was the makeup artist, shared a recount of events on her professional Instagram page (@beautybyjaharajennae).

“Traumatised is an understatement,” Jennaé began in her IG post.

“Almost everyone was finished. I was mid-makeup and my other artist was just finishing the bride’s hair. We were all chatting and instantly were [sic] blinded by what felt like hurricane-induced rain.

“It was discovered the wedding planner attempted to hang the wedding dress from the sprinkler. The stream of water was so intense and so forceful. Everything in the room was destroyed.

Jennaé claimed the bride “lost everything”. She also said that she had quickly restock her whole MUA kit as she had a full week of clients.

“Overall stressful doesn’t begin to describe how it felt, and it was an out-of-body experience for sure!” she ended her IG post.

As much as I’d like to hope the bride had a gorgeous time, I know for a fact that this would’ve been a ‘yuge blow to her special day. As well as the bridesmaids and, of course, the vendors like Jennaé.

I’m honestly dying to know how the wedding planner solved this massive issue. Were they fired? Did they offer to pay for the damages? What was their reaction? I just have so many questions.

For now, I hope the bride is having a fully sick honeymoon with her husband, and I hope that Jennaé was able to bounce back from having her equipment destroyed.

Image source: Twitter / @ASHstrology & Channel 7 / Kath & Kim