A Tradie Has Been Slammed Online For His Cooked Love Note & This Is How *Not* To Shoot Yr Shot

Another woman has gone viral for shutting down a man’s unwanted attempt at wooing her. And the kicker is: he knew she was married!!!

In a series of viral TikToks, US Realtor Maceon McCraken (@maceon.mccracken) detailed the moment when a tradie attempted to make a move on her whilst he was working for her husband at his furniture shop.

“I am consistently shocked at the nerve and audacity that some men have,” Maceon wrote in the caption of the OG TikTok, which now has more than 5.3 million views.

To give you the TL;DR of Maceon’s story: basically, a sparky who was at her husband’s shop attempted to hit on her multiple times during his shift.

The first time the unnamed man made a comment towards Maceon was when she asked him to move some furniture.

The sparky told her: “I’d rather take direction from you anyways.”

Maceon described the comment as “weird” but continued to work. As she choofed on with admin duties in the shop’s office, Maceon encountered the tradie a second time when he washed his hands in the bathroom, which was located in her workspace.

“I didn’t think too much of it, but then he comes out of the bathroom, and he was like, ‘I just have to tell you that like you’re gorgeous. It broke my heart when they told me out there you were married,’” Maceon recalled.

“‘But that doesn’t bother me, and if you ever want to hang out sometime, let me know.’”

The realtor then revealed that the sparky confessed to stuffing a love letter in one of her couches. HER HUSBAND’S COUCHES.

Before her hubby, Colton, left the store, she told him about the secret note and that she didn’t want to be left alone with the sparky.

Soon after the tradie left, Maceon found the note and posted a photo of it in her hyper-viral TikTok.

“Not trying to get you in trouble but you are absolutely beautiful even though you’re married. If you ever want to just have some fun or anything, I’d love to,” the note read.

“PS, if not, just reguard [sic] this note. You are gorgeous and the perfect example of what I think is stunning.”

As Maceon said…. THE AUDACITY. (Image source: TikTok / @maceon.mccraken)

In a second video, Maceon revealed that her husband confronted the sparky about the inappropriate behaviour. She also added a video of her hubby right after the reported confrontation, where he gave the unwarranted love letter back to the tradie.

“I said, ‘That’s my wife. That’s his daughter in law. So no more leaving notes for my wife in my couches,’” Maceon’s husband said as he recalled the confrontation.

In a third and final video on the matter, Maceon slammed commenters who accused her of not being able to take a compliment.

“I’m never going to be offended if somebody gives me a compliment or calls me pretty,” she said.

“But it’s when you cross the line and it become disrespectful to me and my marriage then it’s a problem.”

Since posting the video, Maceon and her hubby have recieved a plethora of comments jam-packed with support and praising her for how she handled the situation.

“The amount of guys commenting acting like your [sic] a drama queen just shows!” one person wrote.

“The audacity of THAT man! I see a ring, I’m minding my business, but that’s me,” a second added.

“Call the company he works for and expose him and ask for different electrician,” a third wrote.

A lot of other folk roasted the sparky’s handwriting, but as someone who hasn’t picked up a pen since waitressing I am not one to judge.

(Image source: TikTok / @maceon.mccraken)
(Image source: TikTok / @maceon.mccraken)
(Image source: TikTok / @maceon.mccraken)

I can already smell the comments from here: “PEDESTRIAN.TV, didn’t you just praise another TikToker for shooting her shot via a note on an airplane?

Yes. However, the difference is that she didn’t know the person was already in a relationship. In her note, she actually asked if he was “single” or “interested”.

This tradie knew that she was in a relationship and married. I also think it’s highly inappropriate to hit on someone while they are working.

I’m extremely glad that Maceon’s husband stood up to the guy and completely shut his advances down. Hopefully they report the lad to his boss to prevent him from making anyone else feel uncomfortable.