THAT’S ALL: Video Of Anna Wintour Looking Pissed Off After Being Asked For ID Has Gone Viral

A video of Anna Wintour looking all pressed after being asked for ID at a Broadway show is going viral on TikTok.

After arriving at the Cherry Lane Theatre, the infamous Vogue editor-in-chief was asked to show proof of vaccination before entering the theatre.

Although the IRL Miranda Priestly had no qualms flashing her vaccine card, Page Six reported that when a health compliance worker asked for photo ID, that’s when Anna got all pressed.

In the viral vid, a publicist quickly jumped in to let the healthcare worker know that it was all g for the fash mag editor to saunter on in without showing her photo ID.

In the healthcare worker’s defence, A) With those large round glasses, that could have literally been anyone. And B) she was just doing her fucken job.

Have a peek at the TikTok below:


Please bore someone else with your…questions. 👠

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Wintour was attending the opening night of Alison Leiby’s “Oh God, A Show About Abortion.” She attended the one-woman show with her 34-year-old daughter, Bee Shaffer.