Couple Sparks Debate With New Year’s Eve Stunt Which Got Them The Best View Of Syd Fireworks

A couple who managed to cop a stellar view of Sydney’s iconic New Year’s Eve fireworks via an inflatable raft has left the internet divided.

On top of the Harbour Bridge, Opera House and eshays, Sydney is also known for its beautiful New Year’s Eve fireworks display. It’s beautiful, it’s grand and it costs a fuck tonne of money. Not only for the organisation of the extravaganza but also for tickets, hotels, travel and all that stuff people pay for to catch a good view.

(Image source: Getty Images / Izhar Khan/NurPhoto)

One couple has gone viral on TikTok after documenting how they were able to watch the show without waiting in long lines or shelling out a bunch of clams for a special New Year’s harbour cruise — where tickets are usually in the hundreds.

Daya Medina (@dayameedina) went viral after she posted a TikTok about how she was able to watch the Sydney New Year’s fireworks from an inflatable boat.

“When you don’t want to pay $700pp to watch the fireworks from a boat so you buy an inflatable raft,” Medina wrote on her video, which now has more than 1.5 million views.

In the video, Medina rowed out onto the harbour with her partner in the daytime. They then parked their inflatable raft in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and relaxed before the show began.

“Relax an [sic] end up having the best view with no crowds,” the TikToker wrote.

Although some people praised Medina, some punters voiced an array of concerns for the TikTokers, with most folks warning the creator about Sydney Harbour’s notorious bull sharks.

“You’ll never find an Aussie in an inflatable on the harbour, we know the dangers that lurk there. Please be safe next time and do research!” one person wrote.

“Not the search being ‘bull sharks in Sydney Harbour,’” another TikToker commented.

“Bull sharks and no you don’t need to be swimming they will hit the side of your boat or bite it and pop it so you fall in. They’re smart animals,” a third claimed.

(Image source: TikTok / @dayameedina)

Other folks commented on their safety amongst other boats in the harbour.

“I wouldn’t be worried about the bull sharks I’d be more concerned about having no nav lights or safety gear getting minced by a boat that can’t see you,” one user commented.

“The sharks are not the problem, it’s the getting run over for not having proper lights,” a second wrote.

In a reply to a comment that asked them about Water Police, Medina claimed she and her partner were floating in front of them and weren’t warned or penalised for their stunt.

(Image source: TikTok / @dayameedina)

Throughout the comments, Medina shared more details on her journey to cop the best view of Sydney’s fireworks such as claiming they had lights and life vests aboard their inflatable raft.

Even though does look like an experience of a lifetime, it’s honestly so unsafe. I’m so worried about their safety amongst other vessels.

Big boats vs small boats is something I do not want to witness and I could imagine the disaster that would’ve come if the worst had happened.

Hopefully the TikTok doesn’t encourage folks to do this next year and that people take boat and water safety seriously, especially with the amount of water-related deaths that have happened over the Christmas holidays.

Might I suggest taking the Luna Park Ferris wheel or a train line to cop the best view ever? Definitely two hacks that’ll safely get you a spectacular view of next year’s fireworks.

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