A Single Auckland Airport Sign Has Caused A Social Media Brawl Between Kiwis And Aussies

OH FFS. Someone in New Zealand has resurrected that darn debate on the origins of the pavlova, and of course, it resulted in a massive clusterfuck on the internet.

Similar to the “what’s better, pirates or ninjas” question, the origins of pavlova is just one of those things that incite a lot of anger between two types of people, in this case, it’s the Kiwis and Aussies.

For yonks, the two nations have been going at it on who was the OG when it comes to the delectable dessert which has become a staple for massive celebrations, like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Although it’s been a while since I’ve been caught in a massive debate on this topic, the NZ vs AUS pav debate has been reignited via a cheeky airport advertisement in Auckland.

Redditor /u/UrJustBad posted a cheeky pic of the advertisement on r/Australia, labelling it as a “declaration of war”.

The sign featured two kiddos cooking up a pav next to the words “Home is where the pavlova was really created”. OOP.

Declaration of war spotted at Auckland Airport.
byu/UrJustBad inaustralia

And just like that, the debates were started under the post with some folks bringing in the cricket, Weetbix, public transport systems and Macca’s menu items. It became a dick-measuring competition but on ~the net~.

“We all know that NZ is really just another Australian state, so the Pav was created in Australia,” one Redditor wrote.

“I think we should mobilise the emus. They overstepped the line,” another punter commented.

“It’s nice of them to promote tourism to Australia,” wrote a third.

One Redditor suggested placing the ad in both Aussie and New Zealand airports to make both countries happy.

(Image source: Reddit / r/Australia)

Where did the pavlova really come from?

Well, according to a PEDESTRIAN.TV story from the archives which debunked a shit tonne of Australia and New Zealand debates, it turns out the pavlova came from neither.

Womp womp.

New Zealand’s Dr Andrew Paul Wood and Australia’s Annabelle Utrecht traced the origin of the delish dessert for two years and tracked it back to its roots. The pair “categorically state” that the modern pav began as a GERMAN torte, which then came to AMERICA and somehow ended up in the Southern Hemisphere.


At the end of the day, I’m just glad it exists. I’m a sucker for a good crunchy, melty, meringue.

The real debate should be on who makes it better and I volunteer as judge — esp if the pav is free hehehehehhehe.

Image source: Reddit / r/Australia

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