Out of all the things that are certain in life, slow cooker Facebook groups being darkened corners of depraved food and cursed recipes is absolutely top of the list. 100% no doubt about it. For every semi-edible thing in there, you have to look a touch too long at things like sausages in milk (?) and someone’s fucked-up meals. One recipe has stood out though, and looks actually not too bad – a pavlova baked in a slow cooker.

The FB group Slow Cooker Recipes & Tips shared the potentially-cursed recipe this week, detailing how you too can bake up a pavlova base in your own slow cooker, and have it come out actually looking not half bad.

slow cooker pavlova
Looks good, king. (Image: Facebook)

Sure, it might take up to two hours but it definitely looks like you’re getting that classic crunchy outer shell with the springy, fluffy innards going on there.

The recipe also calls for a seemingly classic trick for baking in slow cookers – putting a tea towel under the lid to catch all of the condensation, so you achieve that good crisp outside without it going all weird and soggy.

slow cooker pavlova
Oh. Oh okaaay. (Image: Facebook)

Also to make sure your whipped meringue doesn’t just immediately sick to the bottom of the cooker, you’ve gotta put some baking paper down as well. I’m sure that also helps with getting the pavlova out of the slow cooker without destroying it entirely.

slow cooker pavlova
Yeah alright, not bad. (Image: Facebook)

Not sure if I have to reinforce this, but the recipe is for the base only. Don’t put passionfruit and mango and shit in your slow cooker, I don’t know how that’d go but I can guess it won’t be good.

I really want to see some people try this out and see if it works. I’m genuinely not sure if this is a stroke of fucking genius or so beyond cursed it just doesn’t even register anymore.

Have I become immune to cursed content? Does it just not even weird me out anymore? All I know is that it’s cold and my sudden need for a new slow cooker has skyrocketed.

Image: Facebook / Slow Cooker Recipe & Tips