The Ailyday Ailmay Is Pushing A Plan To Send ‘Eshays’ Out Bush & Someone Pls Think Of The TNs

eshays daily mail

On May 17, at 9:44am, The Daily Mail put out a story called “‘Eshays’ will be sent to work on a remote outback station with no mobile data under a new plan to deal with youth crime”. It’s another article in a list of many that pretend eshays are some new criminal organisation running around and not a heavily stereotyped culture that’s been popular since the mid-2000s.

As a western Sydney kid who grew up amongst the eshays, I love watching boomer media sites act like they’re something new. TNs and Tommy Hilfiger have been a deadly combination for almost twenty whole years now, get with the program peeps!

Before I delve in further, gaze upon the glory that is this headline and image combo.

The pic of the faceless eshay staunching in the wild, blocking your path to the Merrylands Rashays. The boomer girlies are clutching their pearls, I just know it.

eshays daily mail

My friend, unless eshays have discovered time travel before the rest of us, I don’t think they’ll be warping in from their 2006 Adidas store anytime soon.

This isn’t the first time media publications have decided to crank up the fearmongering by pretending eshays are a modern problem. This literally happened last year with the Daily Telegraph.

My favourite part about the article is that only a small part of it focuses on WA’s Myroodah Station becoming a possible alternative to the current juvenile detention centre.

Most of the article tries to explain what an eshay is and why they are a huge problem.

“Is your child an eshay?” writes the Daily Mail.

“They wear bumbags, speak in ‘pig Latin’ and get into strife at the train station – here’s what you need to know about the Aussie subculture.”

I have never read a more dated sentence in my life.

In case you needed more help knowing what an eshay is, the article also includes a meme from the early 2010s. You know, when eshays were a thing.

Screaming at how this made it into the article.

I’m going to be kept up all night imagining a centre in the middle of WA filled to the brim with pig Latin screeching young white boys. Why is the Daily Mail pushing for this so hard?

There has never been a more perfect time to shoot Holes 2.