In case you missed it, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison is under fire for appointing himself to five extra ministerial roles in secret during the pandemic.

There have already been calls for Morrison to resign from Parliament completely as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is looking into investigating the whole fuckery.

We’ve summed up all the chaos that’s gone down with this constantly unfolding drama already if you need to get up to speed. This article here is for nothing but spicy, spicy memes.

After all, if we can’t laugh at memes, what are we supposed to do? Soak ourselves in the pungent acid that is Aussie politics and bathe in Morrison’s everlasting stench that’s seeped into the soil of the country? No thank you. I’m gonna point at my tiny screen and chuckle.

So without further ado, here are some impeccable memes about Scott Morrison being a fuck nugget. He can keep the truth from us but he cannot hide away our lightning-quick ability to photoshop shit.

If fully took this meme to make me realise that yes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl had a crossover ep. I thought that we had all just collectively imagined that one.

He’s a Big Boy in Town and he DOESN’T ride his bike with training wheels no matter what Brad from down the street tells you!!!

And here I was thinking the only conversions Scotty knows are within the four walls of the house of God. Can’t wait to see you pull the studs on, big fella.


Ahh, bless the internet. There’s nothing more unifying than everyone getting together and putting their differences aside to completely torch a dipshit pollie with dank-ass memes.

Never change, people.

Image: Twitter / @AndrejPanjkov