Turns Out The Woman In That Viral Scott Morrison Pub Pic Was As Disinterested As She Looked

The woman at the centre of a deeply awkward Scott Morrison photo that became a meme over the weekend has not only owned up to being the one featured, but confirmed that she was exactly as off it as she very clearly looked.

The photo, which features Morrison standing in a packed pub attempting to force conversation on a woman who seemingly wants to be literally anywhere else, spread far and wide across social media over the weekend as the meme mill went into overdrive. Observe.


One Prime Minister, trying to appear normal. One woman trying to get a beer at the bar, not having it.

Turns out that photo was taken on ANZAC Day 2019 at the Australian Hotel in Townsville (pre-pandemic, hence the crowding around and general carefree revelry). And the person quite literally caught in the middle, Breanne Wilson, has not only owned up to it but has confirmed just how unenjoyable having Scott Morrison huff in your general direction is.

Wilson copped to being the Person In Question on Twitter, stating that “you can see how I [felt]” about the chance encounter with the PM.

Wilson also confirmed what the Morrison was talking about – he asked what beer she was drinking – and that she “110%” did not want to be there.

Honestly, there are few scenarios more awkward-sounding than trying to procure a schooner of mid in a packed boozer only to turn to your right and have Prime Minister Scott Morrison spit burger bun seeds out at you as he makes boring small talk for just long enough to be caught on camera.

Morrison, for what it’s worth, was reportedly heckled to within an inch of his life at the pub that day. Per reports at the time, boozy punters hollered for Morrison to neck a yard glass. When he responded with a mere sip, he was harangued with calls of “He’s no Bob Hawke” and “He’s no Hawkey.” So, y’know. At least it was an away game for him.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, here’s some memes.

That’s the good stuff, right there.