Scott Morrison Didn’t Show Up For Women This Week, But He Did Show Up At The Footy

So Prime Minister Scott Morrison showed up at the AFL last night, as the 2021 season kicked off with Richmond taking on Carlton at the MCG. He didn’t really bother to show up for the nation’s women this week, who marched in furious protest against gendered violence and the accusations of rape and sexual assault that are currently plaguing his own part. But he did have time to sneak down to Melbourne and hobnob at the football. Cool.

Morrison was repeatedly shown on-screen in the stands at the MCG, as footy in Melbourne welcomed back crowds for the first time in 14 months. Accompanying Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, Morrison mingled with Richmond club officials Brendon Gale and Peggy O’Neal, as well as AFL boss Gillon McLachlan.

Morrison, of course, spent the better part of the preceding days almost totally avoiding the March 4 Justice protests and its associated message. Save for, of course, bizarrely claiming that protesters are lucky that they aren’t being shot at (???) in a long-bow reference to the unrest in Myanmar. He did also pause to have a borderline-tantrum in Parliament the following day, after Labor leader Anthony Albanese committed the apparent egregious slight of questioning the Prime Minister a bit.

After a week like that – a week in which the Coalition recorded its worst Newspoll results since the 2019 bushfire debacles, ceding the two-party preferred lead to Labor for the first time since before the pandemic – you might, if you were the Prime Minister, continue to lay as low as you possibly could, and avoid any chance for further public scrutiny.

The smart move, you’d think, would be to avoid flying to a state launching its crown jewel pandemic recovery event; a state which you routinely sought to politically undermine throughout the course of 2020.

You’d think that would be the smart move.

And yet there he is.

King Dickhead.

In Melbourne.

Chugging down a mid-strength in a plastic cup.

From seats in the stadium you or I will never have access to.

Go Sharks hey, Scott.