Albanese Slammed Morrison’s Constant Jokes About His Dodgy Actions As ‘No Laughing Matter’


Former Prime Minister and cringe class clown Scott Morrison went on a social media rampage this week and commented on dozens of meme posts about his multiple secret ministerial appointments but it turns out no one is laughing, especially not me, but especially not Anthony Albanese.

The PM responded to the comment spree on ABC Breakfast News on Friday morning and said it was “no laughing matter”.

“I think that this undermining of parliamentary system of government, of the whole Westminster system and our democratic traditions of accountability, something that aren’t a laughing matter,” he said.

“And I’m surprised at the response of Mr Morrison to this. But then again, I frankly was shocked by the revelations that he not only was prime minister but took over responsibility or shared responsibility for five different portfolios as well.”

He said he was also “somewhat surprised” that Morrison hadn’t acknowledged his actions and had instead attempted to make light of a very serious situation that has likely had significant impacts on many Australian lives in the past few years.

“But people will make their own judgment I guess, about whether Mr Morrison’s actions has been appropriate,” he said.

“Certainly many of his colleagues have been very clear that they are shocked by the behaviour as well and the undermining of democracy. It’s a pity it took Peter Dutton some time to distance himself from Mr Morrison’s actions.”

Following his Facebook frenzy where Morrison used his official account to show that he was somehow in on the joke… or something… Morrison made his own post on Thursday night with the status of “Scott Morrison (ScoMo) is feeling amused” with a photoshopped meme.

“It’s been fun joining in on all the memes. But there are so many now I can’t keep up. As Aussies we can always have a chuckle at ourselves,” the post read.

No matter how hard you try Scotty, we would only ever laugh at you, never with you. If you’re not going to apologise or face the responsibility, please just skulk off into oblivion until you’re ready to do so.