This Man Wouldn’t Stop Sending A Gal Unsolicited Dick Pics So She Convinced Him He Was Dying

L: Becky Holmes taking a mirror sefie. R: Screenshots of messages showing dick pics blurred out

A man was left shaken after he sent writer Becky Holmes multiple unsolicited dick pics. Why? Because she convinced him he was dying on TWO separate occasions. Her story recently went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter), and it had me on the floor. 

The first time she convinced Greg he was dying was when he DM’d Becky a photo as a birthday gift. Seeing as he calls himself a ladies’ man online, nothing could go wrong, right? 

But alas. Mr Ladies’ Man himself sent Becky possibly one of the worst dick pics I’ve ever seen. He scribbled “Happy Birthday” on a piece of paper, and poked two small eye holes out and one larger hole. He stuck his penis through the larger hole, to act like a nose(??).

Becky is the woman behind the X account @deathtospinach. She takes glee when romance scammers hit her up, because she loves nothing more than to waste their time. 

Two screenshots of Instagram messages with a dick pic
Greg! This doesn’t look good! (Image: X @deathtospinach)

Very quickly, she thanked Greg for the “effort”, but warned him he had a “dangerous red mark” on his stomach. When he didn’t take it seriously, she ramped it up straight to 10. 

“Greg I have a degree in dermatology. I’ve seen these before in that position and it is often a sign of something more serious,” she said. 

When he said it didn’t itch and it was “just a spot”, Becky freaked out. 

“It doesn’t itch?? Oh shit. Ok, stay calm for now! No itching is a sign of something healing – when a spot in that position doesn’t itch it means it’s likely to be spreading poison, what we call ‘silently’,” she told him. 

“Greg, you’re really worrying me here. The fact that you haven’t noticed being bitten or scratched is even more concerning. This could well mean it’s coming from further within your body,” she added. 

Screenshots of messages about dick pics
His poor cousin. (Image: X @deathtospinach)

Greg then sent Becky a photo of his torso, to which she replied with: “Shit. It’s not a good thing. I’m so sorry… it’s going to be a really difficult few months for you… that’s the nature of the condition. You won’t know until too late.”

The dick pic aficionado started to panic about his “spot”, and even sent his snaps to one of his cousins to get their opinion. Becky later revealed that Greg shaved his stomach and then got checked by a doctor. 

Becky’s dick pic saga continues 

You’d think Greg would stay far away from Becky’s inbox after being fooled once, but no. The urge to send photos of his penis over the internet seems to be far too strong. 

She shared another set of DM’s between herself and “long-term sex pest Greg”, saying she had just “diagnosed” him with the “bubonic plague”. 

His new dick pic was accompanied by a message saying: “Wake up Becky! It’s Cock O’Clock!”. A white sock thankfully covered his penis, but Becky quickly circled a bunch of spots on his body in red and sent it back to him. 

Somehow, she convinced him he was covered in “buboes”, a characteristic of the bubonic plague. After she sent a news report that stated the plague could be caught from a house cat, Greg started to worry.

“You were wrong last time, but I’m not sure about this. I’m going to ask around. I don’t want my cat getting it,” he conceded. 

I feel like this saga is going to continue, but it’s still a good idea to bookmark this for the next time you get an unwanted nude in your inbox. Thank me later!

Feature image: Instagram @deathtospinach & X @deathtospinach