Oops! A Mexican News Station Accidentally Aired Someone’s Balls Instead Of The Solar Eclipse

CONTENT WARNING: This article contains an uncensored photo of someone’s wrinkly, hairy balls. Proceed at your own risk.

If you’ve ever messed up at work, think back to this story to make yourself feel better: Mexican news station RCG Media accidentally aired someone’s hairy balls on live television while broadcasting the highly-anticipated solar eclipse. I don’t think any special glasses can save my eyes from this type of damage.

News anchors for RCG media were giving live commentary just as the solar eclipse on Tuesday entered totality, when, suddenly, something that definitely was not the moon took over the screen.

The footage was quickly cut, but not before a pair of hairy testicles appeared clearly in frame, illuminated by the sun behind them which left them awash with a heavenly, cosmic glow.

The eclipse no one signed up for. Image: RCG Media.

Two of the news anchors appeared in shock — you can hear them gasping in the footage — but kudos to the third one who carried on with his commentary, completely unphased. Now that’s a man who has seen some shit.

How the anchors didn’t lose their shit, I’ll never know. Image: RCG Media.

You might be wondering: how on earth does something like this even happen?

Well, according to TMZ, the news station had asked the public to send in videos of the eclipse for the broadcast — and it looks like not every video was vetted before it appeared in the feed.

There were rumours abound that the unsavoury display belonged to Motley Crew drummer and prominent dick pic-poster Tommy Lee after he shared a suspiciously similar video to Instagram.

However, inside sources told TMZ that the video was sent to Tommy Lee by someone else — so the mooning (hehe, get it?) culprit is still out at large.

That being said, the testicle kerfuffle did not appear to take away from the eclipse, with millions of people in the US gathering to see it.

Alas, the solar eclipse was not visible in Australia — but we’ll be getting our own eclipse in 2028.

Don’t be getting any ideas now — the sun will burn my eyes enough, thanks.