Lady Gaga Fans Are Going, Erm, Gaga For This Resurfaced Interview With Australia’s 60 Minutes

Celebrity interviews seem to be having a second wind lately thanks to TikTok, especially the spicy ones. Which makes me both excited and nervous as an entertainment journalist. On one hand, it’s cool to see people taking an interest in past interviews. But on the other hand, if there was an awkward moment (which can happen!), that bad boi will be resurrected by the internet for all to see.

Luckily the latest one isn’t too bad, but it involves our queen Lady Gaga being interviewed by Australia’s 60 Minutes, so I figured it was worth an analysis.

The interview took place in 2014, where 60 Minutes journalist Tara Brown interviewed Gaga and jazz legend Tony Bennett ahead of their collaboration.

During the interview, Brown asked Bennett if he’d want to be starting his career in the present day, with social media and all that jazz (no pun intended).

When Bennett responds, saying that his career is already pretty impressive, Lady Gaga fills in the blanks and interjects: “He’s saying ‘no’!”

Have a watch of the TikTok below:


Tony Bennett outsold

♬ original sound – Lady Gaga Daily

As I said, this one actually wasn’t too bad! It’s mainly resurfaced because it shows the lovely camaraderie that Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett have. And it shows Gaga being her spicy self.

However, in the comments section, Lady Gaga fans noted how both singers didn’t seem to care much for the question.

“The way she threw DAGGERS at the interviewer,” one fan wrote.

“His reply. He doesn’t give a single shit,” wrote another.

The full chat is below, if ya wanna check it out:

The aforementioned resurgence of past interviews on social media has seen the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey taken to task on their problematic line of questioning in previous interviews.

Just recently, a 2013 interview between DeGeneres and Taylor Swift started doing the rounds on TikTok in a video titled, “Someone Who Deserves An Apology: Talk Show Edition.”

The interview starts with Ellen badgering Taylor about whether or not she’s dating Zac Efron, a pathetic line of questioning that the singer has unfortunately been forced to bear since the start of her career.

“Yes you did, why do you deny it?” Ellen insists. Taylor appears visibly uncomfortable, so Ellen says she’ll change the subject to something else. But she doesn’t.

She then tries to pry a name out of Taylor in regards to the inspiration behind her hit song, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.’

Her way of doing this involves displaying images of Taylor and various famous blokes and instructing her to ring a bell when they land on the right celeb.

“I don’t know if I’m going to do this,” Taylor Swift says. “This is the one thing that I have, it’s like the one shred of dignity that I have…People go and make guesses about it and the only thing that I have is like that one card.”

“Do you know how badly this makes me feel?” Taylor says, before becoming visibly upset when a picture of her ex John Mayer appears.

“You’re supposed to ring,” Ellen says, to which Taylor replies, “I don’t want to! I don’t want to. They’ll send me angry emails and I don’t want to get them.”

Ellen DeGeneres then takes over the game and starts ringing the bell at random, prompting Taylor Swift to beg her to end the game.

“Stop it, stop it, stop,” she says in an unedited version of the segment, which you can watch here.

“It makes me feel so bad about myself every time I come up here you put like a different dude up there on the screen, and it just makes me really question what I stand for as a human being,” Taylor tells her and honestly, I’m proud of our girl for standing her ground.

The video has since gone viral on TikTok in the wake of the allegations against Ellen DeGeneres and the alleged “toxic” working environment on her cancelled talkshow.

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