Ellen DeGeneres Made A Fkn Weird Joke About Kim Kardashian’s Son And It Did Not Go Over Well

Welp, The Ellen Show is finally coming to an end, and in the midst of the huge panic to secure talent for the final season, Ellen DeGeneres somehow managed to convince a few of her famous friends to guest star.

One such guest, who Ellen now owes a million favours to, is her longtime pal, Kim Kardashian.

The Kar-Jenner klan has notably stood by Ellen during this whole mess as a bunch of them have appeared on the show, despite the allegations of a toxic working environment.

That being said, Kim’s probably regretting chucking her mate a bone after the abject awkwardness of her latest appearance.

The segment had total Dakota Johnson vibes as Kim called Ellen on a nasty lil joke she tried to pull about Kimye’s youngest kid, Psalm.

While looking at pics of Kim’s fam, Ellen remarked: “Psalm was the one wearing the giant chain around his neck. He wears this fake giant chain…”

Kim quickly responded: “Wait, did you say fake? It’s not!”

“Oh my God, it’s huge! How can he keep his head up?” Ellen asked.

“It looks like it’s a wrestler’s belt or something. I just assumed because it’s so huge, that’s hilarious,” Ellen added.

“Yeah, no,” Kardashian responded. I’m telling ya, it had major “That’s not the truth, Ellen” energy.

Have a watch below:

Viewers have taken to social media to call out the abject cringe of the episode.

Have a peek at some of the responses below:





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