Lockdown has been the birthing ground for a whole smorgasbord of comedians to emerge into the light, and now we’ve got a bit of Kath & Kim flair to our viral videos thanks to these two legends.

Jim Rossington and Mitchell Coombs have started to create a whole entire Kath & Kim skit, with eerily accurate vocals included, and are posting parts on their individual TikToks.

So far only two parts have been released to the public, full of original quips and lockdown-laden comedy, and the other two parts will be coming sometime in the near future.

We can only hope that it’ll be soon, because some things are just too good to wait for.

Part one establishes the whole premise of the skit, with the two characters debriefing on how their lives have been affected by quarantine.

“I’ll tell you what, this quarantine is doing curls in my marriage,” says Rossington (playing Kath, iconic curly wig included of course).

“Why don’t you think of me for a change?” says Coombs (as Kim, with a spot-on accent).

“How do you think I feel trying to homeschool Epponnee? I mean, do I look like I give a fat rats about algebra or trigonomics?”

@jimrossingtonPART 1/4: Kath & Kim in Melbourne Lockdown ???????? Follow @mitchell_coombs for PART 2!##aussiethings ##kathandkim ##melbournelockdown ##australia♬ original sound – Jim Rossington

Part two on the other hand sees a mention of the iconic Sharon, and even jokes about her antics on the UberEats ads with Kim Kardashian.

“Oh mum, you won’t believe. Sharon’s tested positive for COVID again!” says Kim.

“Uh, you’re joshing me! That’s the third time now…” says Kath.

“Serves her right as far as I’m concerned, she’s really been getting up my goat ever since she abandoned me for her new best friend Kim Kardashian. Those two have been thick as thieves ever since that UberEats ad,” says Kim.

@mitchell_coombsPART 2/4: Kath & Kim in ##MelbourneLockdown ???? Follow @jimrossington for PART 1???? ##kathandkim ##australia ##comedy ##aussiethings♬ original sound – MitchellCoombs

The following parts, three and four, will be uploaded on Jim Rossington and Mitchell Coombs’ TikToks respectively, so get to subscribing if you wanna catch how this quarantine skit ends up.