Somebody On TikTok Turned A Pauline Hanson Speech Into A Kath & Kim Skit & I’m Obsessed

pauline hanson tiktok

An Australian on TikTok has turned a Pauline Hanson speech into a Kath & Kim sketch and well, somebody had to do it.

TikTok king @nathanbezzina pointed out that Hanson’s infamous “no, yes no” speech from 2018 legitimately sounds like it’s straight out of an episode of the iconic Aussie TV show.

“I said no originally, then I said yes. Then I have said no, and I’ve stuck to it,” she said in a 2018 speech on tax cuts.

So, as you’d expect, he has taken it upon himself to recreate the speech in his best Kim Craig impersonation. It is truly the best thing I’ve seen on the Australian side of TikTok all day.

“Surely I’m not the only one who thought this,” he captioned the video.

@nathanbezzinaSURELY IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT THIS ???? ##Kathandkim ##fyp ##foryou ##aus♬ original sound – nathanbezzina

In less than a day, the video has already amassed over 35,000 likes, proving that no, he’s not the only person who thinks this absolutely batshit speech sounds like it’s straight out of a Kath & Kim episode.

But in addition to making my brain go “brrrr” for a couple of seconds, the TikTok also got me thinking: is Pauline Hanson just a character out of Kath & Kim? Is this a glitch in the simulation? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

Hanson, the fish and chip shop owner-turned-politician from Ipswich who proposes motions such as “It’s Okay To Be White” and genuinely tries to claim that she’s Indigenous because she was born in Australia? I dare you to tell me that doesn’t sound like the kind of woman who would turn up in the sub-plot of a Kath & Kim episode, I dare you.

Honestly, the possibilities are endless with this one. If you’re a TikTok fiend, I implore you to recreate one of Pauline Hanson’s many dumb speeches in the form of a Kath & Kim sketch. Go on, treat yourself.