An Influencer Is Getting Slammed For Risking The Lives Of Her Wedding Guests For An ~Aesthetic~

You know what people love even more than a regular Joe’s wedding? An influencer wedding — mainly because we get to revel in the lavish snaps while others nitpick the finer details. A bit of an ick, reaming someone for the choices they made for THEIR big day. However, in the case of influencer Bridget Bahl‘s nuptials, I have to say, her decision to hide the venue’s emergency exit signs was certainly a CHOICE.

For those unfamiliar with Bahl, she’s kind of a big deal. We’re talking 1.1 million Insta followers, over 126k cronies on TikTok and an Instagram handle consisting of JUST her first name, which is a huge flex TBH.

The Bar fashion label founder wed plastic surgeon Dr Michael Chiodo (who is also apparently a big wig) in New York in September, and fans were fkn fawning over the picture-perfect day that was splashed across social media — until they weren’t.

You see, people are all about the ViBeS until they get wind of something so obviously off that they can’t shut TF about it. (Yes, I am one of them. #sorrynotsorry.)

In one of many TikToks from Bahl and Chiodo’s big day, the bride bragged that she had “covered all of the ugly red exit signs to save the wedding photos”.

In the clip, exit signs could be seen covered by copper plaques that still spelled out the word “exit” in cutouts, per Insider.

“Probably not up to code,” Bahl captioned the TikTok. And, ya think?!

Her followers were certainly unamused, with a bunch of them dubbing the move “insane”.

“This would be perfect for my triangle shirtwaist factory fire themed wedding,” one user reportedly joked.

“Close and lock all the exits too for better lighting,” another person quipped.

Following the backlash, Bahl quietly removed the TikTok. However, some users doing God’s work saved the clip and reshared it from their own accounts, including Vermont-based photographer Madison Anne.

Stitching the OG vid, Anne said exit signs are “not a big deal” for photographers to edit out of photos.

“Literally speechless,” she captioned the TikTok. “Imagine investing in a good photographer instead of breaking safety codes.”

Meanwhile, another TikToker shared the US’ history of exit signs and who woulda thunk it — they’re actually very important?

The emergency signs were implemented after 146 Manhattan garment factory workers were killed in a fire in 1911. The blaze and resulting deaths prompted the National Fire Protection Association to come up with a way to quickly get people out of buildings in case of an emergency.

And so, the exit signs were born.

So yeah, don’t try and hide any emergency signage so your wedding is vibey. They might just save your life!